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1. With sword comes shadow (s) 2. Speed of light (s) 3. Cut to the chase (s) 4. Come on. Enough procrastinating. Let's go. 5. When your heart is set on something, you get closer to your goal with each passing day. (l) 6. If you feel strongly about something, you should speak up and take action. That's the philosophy I live by. (l) 7. Yesterday's experiences make me stronger today. And most of those experiences are ones that I share with you. (l)


1. Bloom! Flowers! 2. I won't let anyone else decide my fate. I'll carve my own path! 3. I will not let you take away the things I hold dear! 4. Everybody can fight. It's just a choice of whether you should. 5. The strength to protect someone comes from the desire to never let them get hurt. 6. I will not kneel to you, nor grind my head in the dirt for your favor. Because I am human too. 7. I could open your skull and show everyone here your brain. :)



1. A single thank you is worth more than a million sorrys. 2. I have only one wish: for all to be equal. 3. It's been tough, hasn't it? 4. V-Victory!!!

1. Light of saber! 2. My name is Yunyun! Arch wizard and master of advanced magic. And future leader of the Crimson Demon Clan! 3. Now Megumin! I challenge you to a duel! 4. I am not self-proclaimed!

Jecka (18+)

1. You're WHITE. You didn't have to do anything. 2.But if he actually killed you could I take your body to a taxidermist? 3. Kill your mom and I'm all yours. 4. Ew uncircumcised!! That's disgusting get it away! 5. You brought me here to COOK CRACK?!

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